The Tang Dynasty ,Xi'an –The Entertainment hall of the first leader to propagate ancient Tang Dynasty's music and dance.
Tang Dynasty in the year of 618AD to 907AD, the country had been united, the Kingdom had a large scale of boundary, the Chinese character “Le”has two layers of meanings. First, means “five sounds and eight tones”in Chinese music, in another hand means happiness and joy. The Tang Dynasty in Chinese Characters“Tang Le Gong”is token the double meanings of“five sounds and eight tones”and“happy and joyful palace”in ancient Tang Dynasty.
For the affluent and in a period of great prosperity The Tang Dynasty, the palace banquet catering was particularly exquisite and fine, they had a very grand and rich menu of ambrosia, during the banquet dinners, also had the entertainment. According to the ancient poem told that: A jade axe from the violet of camel’s hump. A vegetarian rare things with the crystal salver. The tone out of space floated in the wind surrounded the jade trees, dancers dressed as rainbow costumes dancing follow the music from the moon. Those were the actual portraiture of the banquet of the ancient Tang Dynasty.
 The Tang Dynasty is according the deduction of the historical catalogue to reproduce the scenic of ancient Tang Dynasty's banquet.
 Although the Tang Dynasty Complex is specially designed to accommodate a world class theatre restaurant, it is also equipped with extensive banqueting facilities and an authentic Cantonese cuisine restaurant, centrally located in Xi'an, Shaanxi. The complex is 2 kilometers south of the famous Bell Tower which is the center of the city.
 Since its debut in 1988, the Tang Dynasty complex received over 5.5 million guests from around the world. This is also a place where dignitaries and visitors to Xi'an congregate to partake of the splendor of the Tang Cultural experience. In fact, overseas visitors commented that their evening at the Tang Dynasty complex was perhaps the most entertaining and enriching experience in their journey around China.
The Theatre Restaurant of the Tang Dynasty Complex is the only one of its kind in modern China that is comparable to the best internationally. The main hall covers an area of approximately 2700square meters and can comfortably seat over 650 diners at any one time.
The sumptuous menu which blends the best of the West and the East followed by the rich and colorful cultural experience of the Tang Civilization qualities the evening entertainment as the prime show of shows. The blending of the graceful art-form of Ancient“Chang’an”and the latest in lighting and stage effects represent a beauty and a joy to the beholder. The Tang Cultural Show may be a total contrast to some of the contemporary musicals of modern Las Vegas, but is nevertheless hailed by visitors as the “Lido”of the Orient.